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Like Tears In Rain

Surreal times we live in, for so many reasons. Rutger Hauer died yesterday. His Roy Batty character from Blade Runner also died in 2019. That has been one of my favorite movies as long as I can remember. My son won’t watch anything with me until he has seen the trailer first. Last night he watched the Blade Runner trailer then shrugged. And actually said “meh.”

In other news, yesterday I had an invigorating “Nothing About Us Without Us” lunch break. First I listened to another great 99% Invisible episode with Caroline Criado Perez about her book Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men. Please listen to it. Then listen to women. After that, I listened to Tatiana Mac on Kim Crayton’s Cause a Scene podcast. More of the same. We need to value the lived experiences of other people. To acknowledge our own privilege and biases. And to routinely include marginalized groups by default. Humanity is not a monolith. I understand this stuff can be challenging. But we have the opportunity to improve everyone’s overall quality of life when we include others in the conversation while designing solutions, projects, processes, etc.

Five more things I’ve been thinking about:

I had hoped to spend this coming weekend enjoying some of my favorite bands in a frontier ghost town just outside of Toronto. If only. I couldn’t find anyone to join me. And my time and resources are better spent on the impending move. So many sad trombones. One day I will see my favorite enigmatic queer cowboy Orville Peck perform!

Olive, sunning herself

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