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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Treadmill Power Trip

Fridays go by way too fast for me. This morning I overslept, and had to drive the little man all the way to school (rather than to the bus stop) but that’s ok because his school is near my gym. Gawd, I have a gym. What is up with that? I worked out until my [...]

I’ve Got To Be Able To Kick And Stretch

Yesterday was a mixed bag. Crappy morning followed by a cranky day, but capped off with a big finish. The lovely Zophia and I met up at Muddy Paws for a little pre-show cheesecake. There we discussed some plans for the summer of ‘07, when I get to be “one of her girls” - [...]

Mood To Burn Bridges, And Maybe Buildings

Unsurprisingly I didn’t make it to the Turf Club show last night (or to Neko Case’s in-store at the Electric Fetus). Didn’t feel like going solo, and the boys are coming down with something (fingers crossed that it will skip me, but I’m not feeling so hot this morning) so I thought it best [...]

A Kind Of Bleak Endurance

For the last couple of months I’ve been dreading this date, but also looking forward to moving beyond it. Today is the day Felix should have been born. Well, it was the estimated due date at least. It’s sort of an arbitrary thing, because not all babies are born on their due dates. But [...]

Lofty Ambitions Anchored By Diminished Motivations

Because I am tired and feeling weird today, some random little man quotes I have been saving up:

I want a robot in my pants. (meaning that he intended to put a robot toy in his pocket before we left the house)
You can’t go to work, it’s Spring Break! (it was, for him)
But I like [...]

Entropy Requires No Maintenance

It’s time for the doom and gloom machine to take a little break. I’ve got some diverting distractions lined up for the weekend. This afternoon will mark the little man’s third swimming lesson (and boy howdy is this one going to be fun, he’s already saying he doesn’t want to go). Tonight will be better. [...]

A Dismaying Loss Of Cohesion

The thing I hate most about going on vacation…coming back. And becoming re-immersed in the reality of day-to-day life. My elderly cat is dying. The last couple of weeks she’s been losing weight, but still behaving normally, so I was thinking “maybe I should take her to the vet.” So today I did. And [...]

Subject To Frequent And Unexpected Changes

It’s been a strange week, featuring back-to-back blizzards and more. Out of the blue I was interviewed by Chris Hewitt, of the Pioneer Press, for a story about people who write fiction in coffee shops, which I do. I think that went well (but we’ll see how it is in print, tentatively slated for [...]

High On The Hassle Factor

Guess I shouldn’t have been worrying about rain over the weekend. It was all about the Monday morning snow. It was absolutely grueling, commencing with a two-hour round trip commute to nowhere, through white-out conditions. I should have just stayed home with the little man, but his school district was one that didn’t shut [...]

Fight Off The Lethargy

Wow, 50 degrees. I really should get my bike out of the basement before the rains come. I’d say there’s a 50% probability of that happening.
Poor Chuck. He seemed fine at the office on Thursday. Then he took off Friday for Tex-ass, for SXSW, where he wound up in the hospital. With Strep [...]