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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Tender Souls in Tough Places

The pandemic is worsening, as experts had predicted. Because many people are, predictably, behaving in counterproductive ways. Thanksgiving is this coming week. Everyone should be staying put in their own homes this year. But nope. Holiday air travel is surging right along with coronavirus cases. It’s pretty bleak. Many states, including ours, have been tightening [...]

The Will of the Public

Too many Americans are selfish and science-averse. Many with the means to stay home are refusing to do so and unnecessarily putting themselves and others at greater risk. Especially causing harm to those who have no choice but to work in public-facing positions. It’s so obvious we need strict closures combined with economic support.
This Coronavirus [...]

It’s the Hope That Kills You

Today is veteran’s day. I understand how young people from underserved populations, without support networks, choose to serve. And how overlooked they often are, even after serving. For example, Honoring the service of Native Americans:
This week, the National Native American Veterans Memorial opens on the grounds of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, [...]

Pins and Needles

This week the world has been watching our presidential election results trickle in. It looks like Biden will win but not in the landslide many had hoped for. But I had mentally prepared for this. Both for the long week of uncertainty and the closeness of the race. I knew it would be close because [...]

Sunlight and Shadow

Well, that was Halloween. My son and I usually celebrate all week long then host a pumpkin carving party. This year we hosted…a Zoom party. It’s what we’ve got to work with, especially now that COVID-19 cases are spiking here again. Area ICU beds are filled to capacity. So Quaraween it is.
This week? I [...]