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It’s the Hope That Kills You

Today is veteran’s day. I understand how young people from underserved populations, without support networks, choose to serve. And how overlooked they often are, even after serving. For example, Honoring the service of Native Americans:

This week, the National Native American Veterans Memorial opens on the grounds of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, honoring a long tradition of service by Native American men and women. American Indians have served in every major U.S. military conflict since the Revolutionary War, often at one of the highest rates per capita of any ethnic group.

While I have remained staunchly anti-war throughout my lifetime, I understand having limited options. Relevant tweet:

On this #VeteransDay I want to give a shout out to @leftflankvets who raise awareness about the atrocities of war and how we need to divest from the military-industrial complex FOR our vets.

All vets and Americans should be guaranteed housing, food, and a living wage.

A secular amen to that. On to other news, Saturday was a big day, with Biden being declared President-Elect and Harris our Vice President-Elect. Historic. Also unprecedented? The unwillingness of the current administration to concede or participate in a transition process. During a pandemic. None of this is surprising but continues to be disappointing. The good news? Biden-Harris are already getting to work and have pulled together a COVID-19 advisory board. The bad news? One of those experts, Minnesotan Dr. Michael Osterholm, declared that COVID Hell is coming. And I believe him. Also alarming, this piece in the Atlantic about how America’s Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent. I’m afraid they’re on to something.

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