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Pins and Needles

This week the world has been watching our presidential election results trickle in. It looks like Biden will win but not in the landslide many had hoped for. But I had mentally prepared for this. Both for the long week of uncertainty and the closeness of the race. I knew it would be close because this country is still a very racist one, unfortunately.

Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair. —Mariame Kaba
The Fight for Justice Doesn’t Stop After the Presidential Election

In personal news, I’ve felt guilty for having an oddly good week. On election night, I started teaching an intro to javascript class for the first time. For months I had been so anxious about it but it’s actually going well. And I’ve made headway on projects at my day job as well, which has been a huge relief. The weather has been amazing so I’ve taken some wonderful walks while wearing sandals. In Minnesota, in November! Today I received my first paycheck from the college for Fall semester. I’ve made some great meals utilizing ingredients just before they would have gone off. And I’ve been sleeping fairly well. This morning is more chaotic, with a four-person crew doing end of season lawn cleanup outside our windows. It is freaking the cats right out. And soon a stranger will be entering our home to haul away our old dishwasher and install a new one. We will all be masked and I will bleach down any surfaces they touch. This unusually warm weather means it is comfortable to keep the windows wide open with fans going so I feel okay about the situation. This is really a gift to my son, who has been washing dishes by hand every single day since the start of the pandemic. My adult son has turned out to be a spectacular roommate. And tonight we will watch another new episode of The Mandalorian.

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