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Sunlight and Shadow

Well, that was Halloween. My son and I usually celebrate all week long then host a pumpkin carving party. This year we hosted…a Zoom party. It’s what we’ve got to work with, especially now that COVID-19 cases are spiking here again. Area ICU beds are filled to capacity. So Quaraween it is.

This week? I don’t really want to think or hear about the election. We voted a few weeks ago. Our ballots were accepted and will be counted. The results of this election are unlikely to be decided immediately so I’m trying to focus on other current events. Of which there are many.

Now to get through this week with my anxiety in check. Or at least focused on something other than the election’s worst-case scenarios. I do have a very real thing to worry about at home. Back in March, our dishwasher up and died. My son has been great about washing the dishes by hand daily since then. But I finally gave in and ordered a dishwasher. A month ago. It was back-ordered but is finally being installed this Friday. Which means a stranger will enter our safe bubble. Masked, sure, but this will still be a nerve-wracking experience for our high anxiety household.

The Minnehaha Falls are already frosty
DANGER signs on the fence in front of the frosty Minnehaha Falls

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