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The Will of the Public

Too many Americans are selfish and science-averse. Many with the means to stay home are refusing to do so and unnecessarily putting themselves and others at greater risk. Especially causing harm to those who have no choice but to work in public-facing positions. It’s so obvious we need strict closures combined with economic support.

This Coronavirus Surge Does Not Have to Be So Horrific:

If Americans want to get the current surge under control through this long, dark winter, they need to skip indoor gatherings, including for the holidays. They need to avoid nonessential travel. They must wear face masks in all public places. They all need to practice social distancing. They need to quarantine when they think they’ve been exposed to the virus and isolate if they get a positive test result, even if no symptoms emerge.

Vaccines are coming. We just need to hunker down a little while longer to save lives. But we could have prevented so much suffering if we’d had effective government leadership from the get-go.

But I can only continue taking care of what’s in my control. Our household is in better shape than many. I am still able to work from home while my adult son takes his college classes online. For months we have been resigned to celebrating the holidays at home with just the two of us. We’re doing a mix of homemade foods and vegan meal kit (from Purple Carrot) for Thanksgiving. My son is baking his usual vegan turkey cookies. We may drop some treats off on front porches and stoops for friends and family from a safe distance. I’ve noticed some advertisers are being more responsible than others. King Arthur put out a handy guide to downsizing pies for a scaled-back Thanksgiving. While other companies are promoting travel for the holidays. Just, no. It’s so irresponsible. I’m hoping we can bring this all under better control in the new year under the Biden-Harris administration.

Bonus: In unanticipated distractions, I found myself binge-watching all of Ted Lasso recently. And I loved it. I didn’t expect it to be so touching. And it promotes ideas of personal accountability and radical honesty. I hope subsequent seasons can live up to this one.

stranded Eagle kite
So bundled up
first icicles of the season

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