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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Goodnight Nobody

Life has been quite the grind lately. A lingering illness. Long days at work. A few challenging parenting moments. When I do dip a toe into the cesspool of current events I find myself flinching (I believe women) then distracting myself with less upsetting material. Five Good Things / Distractions from this week:

LeVar Burton. Love [...]

Viewer Discretion Advised

In the last couple of weeks a cruddy bug swept through my office. I was one of the last to be felled by it and seem to be dealing with it for the longest. Friday I rallied long enough for a night out, for the highly entertaining Dan Soder at Acme Comedy. Then off to [...]

Stay In Your Lane

Turns out I need an International Driving Permit in Italy. Thankfully the paperwork was simple and I just needed to drop by a nearby AAA branch office. Now to figure out how to actually drive in Italy, so I’m prepared when I pick up my rental. Eep.
Trip planning is in full swing. Sure, [...]

Experience Magnifier

We had a ridiculous heatwave over the weekend, with record highs on my son’s birthday. Followed by brutal thunderstorms. And now I’m capping things off with a crappy end-of-summer cold, providing my very own personal temperature fluctuations.
So how about Five Good Things for this bed/couch-ridden Tuesday?

Woke up feeling lousy today but at least there’s [...]

Always in the Dark

Generally I pride myself on being in the loop, but this week a few tidbits took me by surprise. I’ll just roll some of them into Five Good Things for Friday:

Low’s new album, Double Negative, was released today. I knew all about that. But I missed this morsel about a private in-store performance this evening [...]

Tend and Befriend

Usually I wake up before my alarm but not yesterday. The buzzing woke me from an epic dream. I was staying with a friend at some townhome community outside of the near future Toronto area. Only they were all dome homes, built with repurposed materials. Hundreds of dome homes. A dome home utopia. With Tolkien-esque [...]

Making Hay When the Sun Shines

Short work weeks often feel like an eternity and this one was no exception. I am spent. I had to chuckle when I came across this “No Spoons Left - Only Knives” cross-stitch. That was me all week long. Last weekend I had my hair braided at RenFest and have been so busy and exhausted [...]

The Odd Uneven Time

It’s already the day after Labor Day. School is back in session and there are only a couple of weeks to squeeze in summer fun before the Fall Equinox. This has been one of our most un-fun summers ever, and that was after a particularly brutal winter. We’ve got some catching up to do in [...]