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Monthly Archives: December 2002

The Year In Rock

And such. Everybody’s doing it, so here’s my take. While I frequently check in with them, I don’t entirely agree with Pitchfork’s Top 50. Granted many of their picks are releases I meant to check out but didn’t get around to. But only a few of my faves turned up. Neko Case “Blacklisted” Sigur [...]

Atmospheric Whimper

I should be in bed. About 24 hours ago I was up hurling. Got that whole stomach flu thang going on. Again. But I’m hoping to miraculously be well again by morning. Or midafternoon at least. As we’ve got company coming for New Year’s Eve. We’ve been shockingly social lately. Friday night we had [...]

Rare Bird Flies Home For Good

Some ignorant twit in the Denver suburbs had been keeping a nearly extinct, illegally smuggled Spix’s macaw in a teeny cage for twenty-five years, and had been taking very poor care of it. The species is extinct in the wild and there are only sixty in captivity. And those born in captivity are in-bred. [...]

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

For the past decade or so I’d managed to keep a grand tradition alive. Ok, maybe not so grand. But really, um, nice. Each Christmas Day/Evening I would go out, with friends and/or family. To dine at one of the few open restaurants…and catch a movie afterwards. Some years the meals were better than [...]

Read Like A Butterfly, Write Like A Bee

Just finished reading the trilogy, His Dark Materials, that I picked up the other day. I’m thinking that I should have savored it, read it a little more slowly…but I couldn’t help myself. Besides, J had caught up with me. He’d started reading the third book while I was sleeping. It could have been [...]

Jolly Boots Of Doom

So I decided against going to see Solaris. Did take care of the errands, as intended, and retrieved the little man a little early. Which was a good thing…for the most part. We’ve had a pleasant enough evening. The low point was when he was chasing after a ball and slid face-first into the [...]

Risk Of Sunshine

Technically the office is closed this week, and most of next. But here I am anyhow. It’s something of a pre-emptive strike. The work I accomplish today will, hopefully, reduce my stress levels after the holiday break…when there will be a series of tight deadlines to meet. Today has been pretty productive. Amazing the [...]

The Things We Did And Didn’t Do

Been listening to the Magnetic Fields today. Remembered to order a bunch of gifts online…all a little too late. A couple of batches of them have just arrived. Didn’t bake anything for the little man’s preschool holiday party. Did bring in some inferior store-bought cookies instead. For the first time in months I submitted [...]

My Precious

I’m opting out of my department’s afternoon field trip. Earlier we had a potluck lunch together (with a suprising variety of yummy vegan foods). And soon a large group of folks will be off to see The Two Towers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long been wanting to see it. The trailer gave me [...]


The past several days have been equal parts elation and exhaustion. Too much to document thoroughly. Instead I’ll resort to a sloppy stream of consciousness style. You have my apologies. the good: chocolate almond midnight cake the little man’s penchant for hugging and cuddlingdance dance revolution invader zim august moon sigur ros weekend partying [...]