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The Things We Did And Didn’t Do

Been listening to the Magnetic Fields today.
Remembered to order a bunch of gifts online…all a little too late.
A couple of batches of them have just arrived.
Didn’t bake anything for the little man’s preschool holiday party.
Did bring in some inferior store-bought cookies instead.
For the first time in months I submitted to the Mirror Project, and answered a couple of waferbaby brainstorms.
Daydreamed a bit.
Started reading, and enjoying, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.
Ate another slice of chocolate almond midnight cake.
Got a surprising amount of work taken care of.
Forgot to pay the phone bill. Again.
So the line has been disconnected. Again.
Going to have J’s name put on the account…so he can help deal with those particular devils.
Didn’t buy a lottery ticket, though the powerball is up to something like 215 million dollars.
Did something else I can’t talk about here. Yet.
And finally…I photographed the little man wearing J’s headphones.
He looks so serious.

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