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Risk Of Sunshine

Technically the office is closed this week, and most of next. But here I am anyhow. It’s something of a pre-emptive strike. The work I accomplish today will, hopefully, reduce my stress levels after the holiday break…when there will be a series of tight deadlines to meet. Today has been pretty productive. Amazing the things one can accomplish without interruptions. But I’m going to head out soon. To run a few errands. I’m debating what to do afterwards. Whether to pick the little man up early from pre-school, or go see the Solaris remake while it’s still in theaters. I know, I know, I should spend the extra time with the monkey…but the next couple of days are going to be crazy, what with the holidays and all. And mommy needs some down time now and then. Speaking of the holidays…it will be yet another brownish-greyish xmas. We had snow on the ground for about half a day, which I managed to photograph. Generally I’m not much into winter, but I do think it would be fun to take the little man sledding one of these days.

winter wonderland...for about a minute