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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Here, But Not Really Here

I am still hungover from Tylenol PM. Took some last night and slept from 9pm-7am, but somehow I don’t feel well rested. Also? Those meth lab jerks have ruined it for the rest of us. Phenylephrine is far inferior to pseudoephedrine when it comes to the act, nay, the art of decongesting. At least I [...]

Without Mercy for Ourselves

In broken record mode here, but I’m really getting sick of this sickness thing. The little man’s illness morphed into an ear/sinus infection. At least he has antibiotics now and that should be that. But after a week of him sharing his germs with me? Yes, of course I am coming down with something too. [...]

A Lifetime to Destroy

A lunchtime conversation reconfirmed just how susceptible I am…to images implanted in my brain from the media I’ve consumed over the years. Particularly when powerful women with guns and stuff are involved. Yes, I do enjoy watching badass women blowing shit up, kicking ass and taking names. When I was younger it was Ellen Ripley [...]

A Witness to Coming Moments

Five you-make-the-judgment-call things:

My passport expires this year. Can’t believe I’ve had it nearly a decade now. I should leave the country again before I need to renew it. We’ll see if that happens.
An article popped up in the paper’s Home & Garden section about…Punk Houses.
It’s definitely not a “new” trend, especially in this town. But [...]

The Absence of Achievement

These are the times when single parenting sucks the most. When the little man is sick. And I am the only who can comfort him. Which means everything else comes to a halt. He has pretty much been glued to my side since Sunday night. And to my powerbook. The DVD player died and he [...]

Faith in Youth and Romance

The weekend was a blurry blur involving lots of high quality hanging out. That Saturday brunch I mentioned? It went on for 9 1/2 hours! Longer, really. But eventually I left to hit up the Midwestern Dandies show at Fox Tax, which was fabulous, with the added bonus of seeing Amy Rice in her studio [...]

High Hopes and Thin Air

Trying to fight my own personal winter doldrums. This crazy cold snap sure isn’t going to help, but five good things might. Well, a teensy little bit. Maybe.

Superheroes in Real Life
Audience of One: “A documentary following a Pentecostal minister who receives a vision from God to create an epic science fiction movie.” Wowza.
The Library of [...]

Please Stop Dancing

The little man automagically wakes up between 6am - 7am daily. Yesterday I was surprised to open my eyes and see that the giant red digital numbers were at 7:20. Doh! I actually went into his room to wake him up. A rarity. And he was still peeved at me about it after school. This [...]

In Favor of the Shared Experience

The other day, when I was having such a rough time of it, I grabbed a book at random for the little man’s bedtime story. It just so happened to be Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. That bit of serendipity made me smile.
Five other good things:

I love it when people [...]

Looking for the Light

My return to the gym wasn’t exactly triumphant. When I started stretching my tailbone sent out a few sparks of shooting pain. I worked out anyhow, because I’m kind of dumb like that, and it mostly felt good. Though I predict a telephonic conversation with a triage nurse in my near future. The gym visit [...]