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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Moon Rabbit Brand

When I came home from work last night I discovered that the husband had, uncharacteristically, gone shopping while I was away. I walked into the kitchen to find…one hundred pounds of rice. It just seems so absurd. We go through a lot of rice, but one hundred pounds? All at once? True, the co-op [...]

Lust As An Optimistic Energy

Hope is alive. Yesterday I saw a number of women wearing flip-flops…with parkas. Only in Minnesota. It’s also the time of year for me to, once again, covet a cruiser. Much to my chagrin, and to the amusement of a certain friend, I’ve been bikeless for years. And yes, I still know to ride [...]

The World Forgetting, By The World Forgot

In the last 24 hours a few things have helped improve my mood. 1: Going to the Grandview to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (I think we all have a few memories we wouldn’t mind erasing). 2: Finally being able to focus, and make significant progress working on two projects that should [...]

It’s Getting Harder To Say The Right Things

An old friend of ours was hesitant to break the news. After a long, hard road she is expecting her first child. I want to wish her the best, and to do so with an easy heart, but I’m not quite there yet. The husband is a man of few words but this morning [...]

Namby-pamby Intrusive Mommyism

I probably shouldn’t have walked to work today. I can tell you why in five words: air quality warning and mermaid skirt. But that’s not why I demanded a ride home. That would be another word: thundershowers (though they were lovely while they lasted).

We The Peep Holes

Observations and announcements on this fine hump day.Music Today: This morning Zophia and I procured our tickets (orchestra row G, in your face!) to The Magnetic Fields show. And, bonus, Neil Gaiman may open for them.Pedestrian Problems: On my daily walks I have, all too frequently, come across cars half-pulled out of driveways or [...]

The Eagle Has Landed

The novelty of walking to work has worn off, but the trek would be made more bearable if the neighborhood would just come to life already. Spring has nearly sprung, but not quite. The trees are still bare and the grass mostly brown. But the snow has melted, mostly, and temperatures are on the [...]

I Have Strong Feelings About Ambivalence

Feeling especially moody (in the disheartened, bitter, and burned out sense) this evening. Trying to reverse this downward spiral by focusing on the small stuff…things that can make me happy, or at least smile a bit. I love this lone bike photo (and many of the other photos, especially those taken with the Great [...]

I Miss Sex In The White House

Saturday: I shirked some duties (not just posting…I really should have gone to the anti-war demo), some plans and perhaps a bit of parenting…in favor of finishing a book. I picked up Michael Chabon’s enchanting Summerland at the library the other day. It held me in its thrall from the very first to the last [...]

I Wish I Had An Evil Twin

It seems I am prone to mischief without the husband around (well, he’s here, but asleep) to act as my voice of reason. Take tonight, for instance. First the little man and I dined on tofu dogs and potato chips. Afterwards I further negated any positive effects of my daily walks…by spontaneously whipping up [...]