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We The Peep Holes

Observations and announcements on this fine hump day.
Music Today: This morning Zophia and I procured our tickets (orchestra row G, in your face!) to The Magnetic Fields show. And, bonus, Neil Gaiman may open for them.
Pedestrian Problems: On my daily walks I have, all too frequently, come across cars half-pulled out of driveways or parking lots, blocking my path as their drivers wait to merge into traffic. Whenever I start to walk around them they roar away, leaving me midway through a suddenly pointless course correction.
Especially For Chuck: I’m all fuzzy.
Conspicuous Consumption: I think it’s wonderful that the little man is growing up a Dr. Seuss fan, but I’m wishing I’d gotten him The Lorax book rather than the video. The onbnoxious early 70s music sends me into flashback mode, reliving an era I was unfortunate enough to have experienced firsthand.
Optical Allusions: For months my glasses were far too loose, the bows hyperextended and flopping off at unnatural angles, causing them to hover just above or beyond my ears. If I were to tilt my head too much in, well, any direction my eyewear would slide right off. This morning I decided to do something about it. After walking in and showing my lugubrious glasses to the technician she gave me a look, paused, then said “they are a bit…wide”. She then stole away into the back room…where she may have overcompensated just a tidge, I fear. Since The Tightening I’ve felt that my poor head is being held in a vice-grip. It’s like that crazy old man character from KiTH has carried through with his threats and really is crushing my head.

reflection of the robert street bridge in/over the mississippi