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Monthly Archives: June 2011

This Veil of Tears

Monday contained too many low points but yesterday really was a better, brighter day. I was grateful for a good night’s sleep and great weather and the general lowering of my stress levels. It helps that I am employed by and work with real live humans who get it. One of whom recently wrote a [...]

Shark Ridden Waters

After a decent birthday weekend I managed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or the wrong side of the universe. And have been attempting to course correct all day.
How about five good things, yeah? YEAH!

I must have known Reverse Graffiti is a thing but it seems like it’s brand [...]

Scattered Light

My father is a sentimental fellow. He and I share the same birthday and have both always loved that. Whenever his driver’s license expires he gives the old one to me. Which is how I happened to find myself in a momentarily awkward situation Wednesday night. A friend and I went to the Science Museum’s [...]

The Delicacy of Perception

Oh, the perils of modern life. Either my realtor or the showing realtor mixed up the date of the recent showing when logging it in the online system that sends me notifications. So no one actually looked at our house on Sunday evening, when I made sure we stayed away. Rather we were surprised by [...]

Speeding Into a New Sunrise

Our brief getaway up North had me entertaining unrealistic notions. Of buying an RV and traveling around the country with the kid and the cats seeking out the most pleasant weather and weirdest roadside attractions. And maybe homeschooling my son next to the biggest ball of twine or up in the mountains or down in [...]

Between the Flash and the Rumble

Oh what a Monday. The state sent a notice to my employer requesting they garnish my wages (turned out to be a result of some outstanding parking tickets - oops). An Ozzy Osbourne impersonator friend requested me on Facebook (maybe?) and I very nearly fixed my dryer myself. As a reluctant homeowner I’ve managed to [...]

Closing the Loop

Life has been kicking me in the box this week. When I tackle one task ten more crop up. And bill collectors have been hounding me constantly, making me feel like a miserable worthless failure. I need to take Anne Lamott’s advice to heart and learn to treat myself as if I’m somebody I am [...]

The Light of Long Dead Stars

Our weekend was maybe a little too action-packed, and it started early - with the annual Clockwork party on Thursday. But it’s been big big fun! Friday night I saw Dengue Fever with The Eternals (ex-Trenchmouth) in the 7th Street Entry with friends. Had beach time with the boy on Saturday (where I may have [...]