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Between the Flash and the Rumble

Oh what a Monday. The state sent a notice to my employer requesting they garnish my wages (turned out to be a result of some outstanding parking tickets - oops). An Ozzy Osbourne impersonator friend requested me on Facebook (maybe?) and I very nearly fixed my dryer myself. As a reluctant homeowner I’ve managed to figure a thing or two out myself over the years. But I especially dislike dealing with gas appliances. I have a fear of blowing myself up. Or causing a fire (I was called Firestarter for many years, after an unfortunate incident involving the frying of bananas when I was ten). This morning I fiddled with the vent in back. Shook it out before re-attaching and voila, heat! For just a moment. After it broke down again I broke down and called some pros up to check it out tomorrow.

How about five good things for this Monday?

  • Taking the internet by storm…it’s…Vegan Black Metal Chef! Love.
  • Over the weekend I met a lovely young woman who maintains a shoe blog. Blogging about her really cute shoes I would totally wear. And the shoes are all in my size! And in the same metro area. Exquisite torture.
  • Iceland Is Crowdsourcing Its New Constitution
  • Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kiddo, with just a few days off before summer camp begins.
  • An interesting read: In the future, the only jobs left will be green. Last year, the NY Times reported, “In the energy sector alone, the deployment of new technologies, like wind and solar power, has the potential to support 20 million jobs by 2030 and trillions of dollars in revenue, analysts estimate.”

We really did keep it simple this weekend. Friday night was Chinese takeout + Netflix Instant. Stuck around the house all day Saturday, only leaving for a birthday celebration and a housewarming party. Sunday we didn’t leave the house at all. And that was just what I needed. Going up North at the end of the week will be more of the same. But with bonus hot tubs.

birthday boy, flanked by friends

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