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Monthly Archives: April 2007

An Awareness of the Postmodern Condition

We’re in the red zone right now, pollen count-wise, and it’s pure hell (according to the map Vermont is the place to be, stateside - otherwise Iceland would do nicely). The little man and I have been feeling both crappy and crabby, so we skipped yesterday’s Craftstravaganza and didn’t make it out to the roller [...]

The Burden of Floating

Feeling a little adrift. A response to too many daunting tasks and an inability to focus on any one of them. Instead my attention is splintered. Same old, same old I guess. Speaking of, how about some shiny sparkly things?

Friday night I will finally get to see Hot Fuzz. Squeee! Until then I’ve been watching [...]

A Time To Laugh, A Time To Cry

Way too much going on. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Interntational Film Festival kicked off the other night (see Al Milgrom’s filmfest picks). I plan to take the lad to see the animated shorts next weekend, and I’d like to see The Seagull Diner, but who knows if that’ll happen. We’ve seen two movies in the last [...]

A Meaningful Linguistic Unit

This morning the little man crawled into my bed to cuddle, but he brought an earworm with him. He was sort of whisper-chanting something. I came to the groggy realization that it was We Will, We Will Rock You. That was a seriously strange way to start the day. Other items of note:

An unreasonable man, [...]

The Possibilities For Movement Invention Are Infinite

Don’t worry, I won’t let the blog wither and die. It was merely…napping. I blame twitter, and my perpetual busy-ness. Been pre-occupied with:

The little man’s return from The Magic Kingdom;
Getting our new cat, Olive, settled in;
Trying to get the mice out;
Signing papers at the tax lady’s office;
Wrapping up the Spring cleaning/Great Purge of ‘07;
Seething about [...]

In the Style of Tigers

The little man returns tonight. I’m excited, but these last days went by far more quickly than I thought they would…even though I haven’t been having the most relaxing vacation. But that’s not what I signed up for. I knew this would be my time to bust ass trying to get the house in shape. [...]

The Sudden Danger of Weeping

Who knew cleaning house could be such an emotional rollercoaster. The dumpsters I ordered arrived this afternoon, but in the morning I began The Great Purge of ‘07 by attacking the buffet. For years now I’ve just been cramming papers and art projects and whatnot into the drawers, willy-nilly. They were full to bursting. [...]

A Musical Play Without Words

Who wants to see the Edward Scissorhands ballet at the Ordway? I do, I do! And I get to go opening night, thanks to Julie Giles. But if you want to attend as well you have a couple of options. One, be my partner in crime for the evening (sadly Zophia has finals to contend [...]

Major Minor Detail

I’ve given up coffee before. For years at a time even. But now? Now is definitely not the time. I’ve reduced my intake significantly, which has helped me sleep a little better at night. But Sunday I inadvertently went cold turkey, and that turned out to be a supremely bad idea. I was useless all [...]