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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Tension and Release

Wellll we survived the holidaze again. But not without incident. Christmas night I was zipping along on the freeway when the battery light came on. And the radio turned off. And my Mazda gave up the ghost. I managed to coast over to the shoulder but couldn’t turn on my flashers. The car was dead [...]

When the Shouting Turns to Tears

Still stunned. When my son learned about Friday’s school massacre I knew he would instantly connect the dots, and start thinking about the recent workplace shooting that resulted in his uncle’s death. We’ve done some talking about it and I’m sure our conversations will continue. And when it came out that the shooter had autism, [...]

Go Forward, Move Ahead

The first snowstorm of the season on Sunday was beautiful. But was followed by a cold snap Monday. Which left us with icy rutted roads and brutally slow stop and go crawling commutes. Making me question the wisdom of driving a car with manual transmission. And the wisdom of remaining in Minnesota. But before the [...]

The Truth Takes Time

It’s been a rough week but the boyfriend sent this my way. I like it. It made me smile. And yeah, for the most part I am enjoying my life right now. Especially now that my son is feeling better. Just one more dose of antibiotics to go and hopefully his bronchitis will have been [...]

Noughts and Crosses

What the junk? I was ill twice in November. Once mildly and once egregiously. And now my poor son is sick, with freaking bronchitis. He’s never had that before. He rarely gets sick at all so this has been bummer-town. But at least we have decent health insurance these days and he’s started a course [...]