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Tension and Release

Wellll we survived the holidaze again. But not without incident. Christmas night I was zipping along on the freeway when the battery light came on. And the radio turned off. And my Mazda gave up the ghost. I managed to coast over to the shoulder but couldn’t turn on my flashers. The car was dead dead dead. And it was dark out and about seven degrees. I was certain someone was going to hit my black car from behind at 60+ mph. Thank jeebus for cell phones. I didn’t have too long to wait before the boyfriend showed up, white knight style, to rescue me from the road side. And the AAA tow truck driver arrived soon after. Also, I can work from home as needed and the boy’s school break is a much better time to have the car in the shop. And Worku the mechanic was as wonderful as everyone says. He replaced the alternator and gave me the heads up about the timing belt and water pump (better start saving now). And my Dad drove me there to retrieve the car. Phew.

Five good things:

Speaking of my Dad…on Christmas Eve he handed over a few more new dreams for the “Deep Thoughts With Werewolf Cop” portion of this site. Always such a treat. But he informed me that he’s only been giving me the *good* dreams. That he doesn’t even bother writing down the truly terrifying ones. Dang, and I’d thought these were dark enough!

Rob with glow sticks

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