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Monthly Archives: June 2002


Speaking of doom, earlier I was pondering my fear of revolving doors. Like most things, I’m not terribly secretive about this fear. Ok, maybe it’s not a fear. More like apprehension. And I discovered (surprise surprise) that I’m not alone in this. But I don’t fear that aliens will abduct me via revolving doors. [...]

Of Dreams (not Doom)

Nothing to fear after all. The surprise turned out to be apple galettes. Recipe from the Millenium Cookbook. Divine.

Dessert Of Doom

A certain someone is, apparently, preparing a certain surprise dessert for me…to be enjoyed this evening. When pressed he fibbed (I hope) and told me it is an onion / fennel / pickle cake with bell pepper frosting. My least favorite foods…all in one convenient(ly digusting) package. Bah.

Am I In Pi?

Silliness, yes, but what the heck. I can be just as silly today as any other…if not more so. It’s my birthday. And I’m at work (as is my father, whose birthday it also is - he is exactly twice my age today). At least I was able to go out for lunch today. As [...]

But Things Could Be Worse…

…Ms. Unbounded Optimism must remind herself.


I’ve my reached saturation point. Sudden (and sodden) summer has brought with it: Too much rain. Too much heat and humidity. Too much work…at the dayjob, around the house, and with the little man. Too much coffee (trying to keep up with the above). Too many social engagements. Too many movies to try to [...]

“the Robot Is Gone. The Robot Was Gross And Obscene.”

Could have used any number of robot-related quotes, but I’m going through a little Buffy withdrawal. I’m sure this robot is neither gross nor obscene. But it did try to get away. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Yet. Thanks go to slashdot.


This is so very sad. “Midnight’s Children too onerous in the 552-page original? Try the 21-page summary on the SparkNotes Web site. The parable of A Handmaid’s Tale not obvious enough? The MAXnotes version comes with pictures. Coming soon from SparkNotes, a guide to Dave Eggers’s A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” Thanks [...]

Miss Communication

After years of regularly sticking my foot in my mouth, you’d think I would know better. You’d think I would be able to figure out when its best to not say anything at all. And to not send email when I’m too tired/cranky/emotional. And to not send email that doesn’t make sense/isn’t rational/isn’t thought [...]

And I Think It’s Going To Be A Long Long Time

Received my weekly edition of Need to Know this morning. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected from them, but this morning…wow. I had either heard, or heard of this piece before, but had never seen it. And seeing is believing. I highly suggest checking it out. In its entirety, if you can stand it. [...]