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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Anonymous Instants of Happiness

Amazing how much difference a good night’s sleep can make. This is something I know, rationally. But I lose sight of it whilst sleep-deprived. Especially after too many nights spent wide awake at 3am, playing Tetris on my iPhone until my eyes cross. But last night I got a solid seven hours - for the [...]

We Are All Flawed

I’m closing out the year in an extremely foul mood. I am fresh out of warm fuzzy feelings. So I’m trying to distract myself by focusing on some of life’s little victories.

Yesterday I scored a free parking spot within walking distance of the hospital for our five hour visit there.
Today I finally managed to [...]

Lights Are Flashing, Cars Are Crashing

New Year’s Eve is a no-go, for a number of reasons. I should have known better than to get my hopes up. Now I feel like one of the sad sack subjects in Sandy Nicholson’s book, 2nd: The Face of Defeat. But I’ll snap out of it. The boy is on the mend (though an [...]

Logic is Beside the Point

I’ve never made much of New Year’s Eve. For the most part I’ve opted to stay in…to avoid all the drunks who seem a little too desperate to have a good time. Last year I ventured out and it was a mixed bag. But this year? I have rather more compelling tentative plans, but I’m [...]

Flashes of Sanity

So sad. The boy woke up ill today. Normally I’m the puker in the family, but for the time being it’s him (unless I come down with the illness too). Through grim determination he managed to get through his Saturday morning cartoons, but only with copious amounts of cuddling with me. Now that the cartoons [...]

Laughing is All High Frequency High Amplitude

Last night was all laughs and crazy good times. Maybe it was just the relief of making it through the holidays relatively unscathed. Or maybe my friends and my son really are that funny. Either way I totally needed that endorphin high. But dang do I do need to edit out the laugh track I [...]

Messy, but Manageable

I’m not always so disorganized. I mean, sure, my house is a cluttered mess and I have now missed recycling day pickup for six weeks running and I utterly failed to do holiday cards this year (perhaps Happy New Year cards instead?) and we didn’t get a tree until just last night. But I did [...]

Dancing in My Head

It was an impossibly awful weekend but this morning I just wanted to dig out of my cold, snowy hole and get on with things. It didn’t seem like that would happen but somehow I made it to the office without incident. Unlike many of my fellow commuters:
They were among 159 crashes that the State [...]

The Future Begins

My brain is currently in the OFF position. I’m just going to succumb to Maria’s meme, and enjoy the disjointed jumble that was my year. Curious to see what sort of word soup 2009 will bring.
Look at the posts you’ve made in the past year, and paste the first line of the first post of [...]

My Lady of the Various Sorrows

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like emergency surgery. My step-mother went under the knife last night, unplanned. I feel badly for her and for my father and I’m not sure how long before she returns home. I was already feeling unprepared for and stressed by the impending holidays, but now I’m downright overwhelmed. And at [...]