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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Celebrity is the New Privacy

I didn’t watch the Oscars last night, but I did spend some time reading the live fugging of said awards show. It was infinitely more satisfying. So condensed, so pithy. And I enjoyed the visuals today. You know, the fug girls’ day after round up. There was entertaining text to go with the photos, of [...]

Chaos is Contained

We’ve been doing a lot of sitting around at home lately. Especially this weekend. Friday night I rushed the little man after his swimming lesson, worried that we’d get stuck in a snowstorm on the drive back. That certainly didn’t happen. Saturday morning we woke to just a light dusting. For a time it seemed [...]

My Cleanest Dirty Shirt

Today’s failures were minor…but many.

The little man looked so bummed out when he got off the bus this afternoon. Apparently it had been “stuffed animal day” at school and he was one of the few kids who didn’t have a toy to show off. I didn’t see it on the calendar. But I did send [...]

Actually Having To Do With Contact

My mid-winter hermitude has really kicked in. Over the long weekend I mostly stuck close to home again, letting the big big ideas weigh me down. But I got out long enough to see Children of Men with little Dave. And to eat some of J’s snickerdoodles, fresh from his oven. And to take the [...]

Dip Your Brain in Joy

Five good things:

Playing hooky with the little man. Three day weekend, aww yeah.
Pomegranate jelly. Especially on a toasted whole wheat English muffin, with just a bit of Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheeseâ„¢. Mmmm.
I pre-ordered the upcoming Ted Leo and Arcade Fire releases from Insound.
‘Large squid lights up for attack‘ - the video made me flinch. [...]

Throwing Icicles At Your Heart

Sometimes I am a sentimental sap, but Valentine’s Day has never been my thing. In high school I dated plenty, possibly too much, but never had a beau on the big day. My first husband did make an effort every year…but he tried too hard, which put way too much pressure on the whole thing. [...]

Slightly Gawky, Never Ordinary Movement

I’ve been especially lethargic lately. Friday we did make it to the little man’s swimming lesson, but Saturday we skipped the trip out to Medicine Lake. I lounged in my pajamas until late afternoon and just barely made it out, to the co-op and the library. It’s all food and books with me, honestly. [...]

Fiction with Humorous Elements

It was a near-perfect evening. After school I took the little man to the Minneapolis Central Library. The children’s area is so amazing. We loaded up on some great-looking books, then headed over to Evergreen to fill our bellies. We nearly had the place to ourselves, and the everfood was delicious as always. Next up [...]

Learn to Sing Like a Star

I’ve moved so far away from the teenaged version of me…these days I do all I can to avoid talking on the phone. Every time the phone does ring, which isn’t all that often really, I have a deer-in-the-headlights moment before shaking it off, checking the caller ID, and debating whether or not to answer [...]

Flat Days, Static Nights

Over the weekend I think I overdid it. The little man and I were out and about Friday, Saturday and Sunday, having our lungs flash frozen by science fiction style wind chills. Monday morning we both woke up sick so I thought it wise to stay indoors and keep our runny noses to ourselves. [...]