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Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Day of the Big Rainbow

Thankfully I’m having a much better day. And a lot of it is due to my son. I know I gush about him all the time. The little man [insert gushing here] my son [more gushing] the boy [gush gush gush] but seriously, how awesome is this kid? His 10th birthday is right around the [...]

Side Effects May Include

What is with my Wednesday? I could star in my own version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I slept poorly, again, and then overslept, again. Which means we missed the school bus, again. Hopped in the shower only to have the little man barge in to deliver bad news. [...]

Outshining the Fainter Meteors

I had a stellar weekend. But one in which I was constantly confronted with evidence…that my son is growing up. He’s changing. Transforming. My little boy is disappearing and being replaced by something other. Sometime this past Spring a switch was flipped and he can now stay up late and has started sleeping in. A [...]

Jet Set Junta

What a strange week. I retreated from the world a bit and took shelter in the comfort of routine. Wake up / make breakfast & coffee / pack lunches / drive to school bus stop / drive to work / drive to school bus stop / head home / make dinner / homework / bed [...]

The Worlds of Other Choices

Well, that didn’t take long. We didn’t even have time to adjust to our new living situation. The roommate moved in toward the end of July, has spent most of his nights elsewhere, and just informed me he’s moving out by September 1st. It’s probably for the best that my ATP trip is off. I [...]

Suffering Periods of Penury

It seems like I have a split personality sometimes. There’s my spontaneous drop-everything-and-go side, which often brings the fun. But when it comes to getting-out-of-town travel I require more preparation. That’s why they are called travel plans. My life is just too structured, with too many variables. Will my son come along or stay home? [...]

Interception or Incompletion

I’m not always the best homeowner. Recent rain made my grass grow, a lot, very quickly. Fuzzy pumper Play Doh style. Last night I got home from work and took a good long look at it before shaking my head and retreating inside. The idea of mowing the lawn in this brutal heat and humidity, [...]

The Vast Wilderness of Uncertainty

I spent my weekend in the land of the Lost, attempting to recover from this ever-lingering migraine, while devouring all of season one. Now I know why I avoided that show. It is seriously addictive! I even started in on season two yesterday. So I spent most of the weekend out of commission, leaving my [...]

The Illusion of Total Control

This morning I was tempted to go back to bed, until the internets had healed themselves. But I forced myself to forge ahead even without twitter and Facebook to keep me company. How brave of me, I know. But let me tell you, I am one tough broad. Though if it had been my beloved [...]

Following the Flow of Similitudes

Friday night was a quiet one. Somehow I got hooked on the hokey Warehouse 13. Watched all four episodes in one sitting! Thanks Hulu.
Saturday morning we weren’t hindered by the boy’s desire to watch cartoons. Since the switch to digital the signal is so janky, even with our fancy new TV and antenna, that trying [...]