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Monthly Archives: February 2003

Waiting For…a Mighty Wind

Last night I was the first to arrive at the restaurant. The birthday boy (J) retrieved the little man from pre-school for me, so that I could work late. Again. Woo-hoo! Naturally I was excited to see both my boys, birthday amd otherwise, so I made sure to be punctual. Forgetting that J’s family [...]

Happy Birthday To J

Yep, today is my darling’s birthday. Happy Birthday! Though, as he likes to point out, I will always be older than he is. This is especially apparent when we play Lost Cities. When reading the rules of play J found that the opening turn is always “awarded” to the eldest player. Since it’s been [...]

Treble In Trouble

I’m no rock and roll fun. For weeks I’d been looking forward to the Ted Leo show. J graciously agreed to stay home with the little man so I could attend. I set out to spread the word…nearly evangelical in my encouragement of others to go (or to pick up the new release, at [...]

Put Rice In Your Soul

I needed a little pick-me-up this afternoon…so what could be better than listening to the album “fuck you this is rice” by the band Rice. Uh-huh, a hardcore parody band called Rice making songs all about, yep, rice. My favorite is “Grain of Strength”: 2 cups of water one cup of rice is this [...]

Mistress Of The Obvious

Generally I consider myself to be the queen of common sense…or at least a champion of safety awareness. But recently there have been too many instances where it just escaped me. And outright obliviousness set in. Albeit momentarily…but repeatedly. We came out of it all right (more or less), but the degree of danger [...]

Evergreen, Evermore

Last night we dined at a new Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant that’s sure to be making our regular rotation. There’s hardly any mention of it online yet…just one brief review. But I thought a little more of it than the Strib’s reviewer. It’s not all-vegetarian/vegan, but the next best thing. The owners are extremely veg*n-friendly. In [...]

Who What When Wear Why

My step-mother called at 6am this morning. Now, she’s long been an early-riser. And with the little man in my life, my nightowl tendencies have been seriously curbed. Or, more accurately, turned on their head. But still. Naturally my first assumption was that something was seriously wrong. Well, many things are seriously wrong, all [...]

Hearts Of Oak

It’s been a bad time for midwestern clubs. First the horrific Chicago stampede. Then, closer to home, a fire at the Fine Line. At least in the latter, all attendees exited safely. I think these are rather uncommon incidents, but still. It gives one pause. And does nothing to stave off my growing hermitude. [...]

If You Can’t Find Osama, Bomb Iraq

So, another exciting Saturday night. Not even 8 o’clock and my boys are out cold. J is napping. And the little man fell asleep…in my comfy chair. I’ll have to transfer him to his bed soon. Can’t blame them. It was a rather busy day. The monkey started it out by waking up way [...]

Valentina Oblivia

My boys are oblivious to valentine’s day (and a lot of other things, for that matter). For the third year in a row I hand-made valentines for the little man’s classmates. At least this year his attention span was long enough to assist. A bit. He doodled on six cards before losing interest. The [...]