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Hearts Of Oak

It’s been a bad time for midwestern clubs. First the horrific Chicago stampede. Then, closer to home, a fire at the Fine Line. At least in the latter, all attendees exited safely. I think these are rather uncommon incidents, but still. It gives one pause. And does nothing to stave off my growing hermitude. Had the day off yesterday and didn’t manage to leave the house. Didn’t leave the house Sunday either, come to think of it. But we did go sledding in the backyard. That’s kind of leaving the house. But not the property, I guess. That same day J gave the little man a home-style haircut (not with a Flowbee or anything, just clippers), circumventing the need to go elsewhere. Though the jury is out regarding the quality of said haircut, it was still a good test run. Anyhow, I’m back at the office today. Away from the house. Though I plan to return there just as soon as possible. But next Monday my plans are otherwise. Going to brave the big bad world and go out. Elsewhere. After work. To a live music venue at that. It takes a lot to get me out these days, but Ted Leo can do it. I’ve been listening to his new album today. Courtesy of a co-worker. Who left his house to purchase a copy of it. While I ordered mine online…and have yet to receive it. Hmmm. There do seem to be *some* advantages to leaving the house. But let’s not come to any hasty conclusions.