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Valentina Oblivia

My boys are oblivious to valentine’s day (and a lot of other things, for that matter). For the third year in a row I hand-made valentines for the little man’s classmates. At least this year his attention span was long enough to assist. A bit. He doodled on six cards before losing interest. The nineteen after that were all me. I also did some last minute scrambling to obtain treats. I’m sure most parents just grabbed a bag of junk candy to distribute. But I wanted to provide something a little healthier. And thus wound up shelling out $11+ for organic fruit leather. Doh. I hope they enjoy it. As for the big man. Well. To gloss over his apathy for the holiday (any hollow-day for that matter, not just this one) we’re having some folks over this evening. For something of an anti-valentine’s day dinner/potluck. But it’s all good. J has always been this way, and I knew that going in. When he was a kid his mom packed their school lunches on a daily basis. One valentine’s day she packed them something special. When lunchtime came around J took one look at his sandwich, assumed there was something wrong with it, then chucked it in the trash. When he got home from school he asked her about it. Turns out she had cut each sandwich into the shape of a heart. Freaking oblivious, I tell you. But I love him anyway. At least the parking ramp attendant gave me a flower this morning (he was handing them out to each driver who pulled in). Sigh.