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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake

I can no longer recall where I spotted that Friedrich Nietzsche quote recently, but it pops up now and again and has always stuck with me. Music has been one of my main coping methods for as long as I can remember. And my quality of life improved with my first pair of headphones. Better [...]

What A Time To Be Alone

Well, my weekend went sideways. For the past few months I’ve bent over backwards to make space for someone in my life. And it has routinely backfired on me. Interpersonal relationships shouldn’t be this exhausting. It is time to admit defeat. Before this I thought I had made peace with being alone. But the good [...]

Work On Your Context

It’s Saturday and tonight there’s a big happening with old friends and their old bands. I’d planned to be there. But woke up feeling like it’s just too much. I’ve given myself permission to sit this one out. Another friend - also on the fence about going - told me “there’s no shame in staying [...]

It Goes On

Feeling like we’re trapped in the Groundhog Day movie. Minneapolis Public Schools have already called for another snow day for tomorrow. And the snow hasn’t even started falling yet. That will be school cancellation day number six for 2019. These endless blizzards are getting old. And taking their toll on my personal well-being, and on [...]

Star of the North

Minnesota apologists will claim this is just a normal winter, like the kind we had when we were kids. But no. This extreme weather has all been happening in a more condensed window. We’ve already endured the 4th snowiest February on record and it’s only the 12th of the month. Minnesotans are complaining on social [...]

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

We made it to the weekend, which should be a relief, but my nerves are shot. Anxiety is still spiking. If I could get through just one week without some distressing health, weather or financial concerns that would be peachy. Lately I’ve crushed by the unholy trifecta. Too much bearing down on me all [...]

Reaching for a Hem

Didn’t quite manage a dry January this year (as I have the past few) but I decided to do a dry February - the idea to “Take A Month Off From Drinking To Improve Your Health All Year.” Yes, February is the shortest month of the year but it already feels like the longest. Especially [...]

Drive for the Conditions

We made it through the polar vortex intact, more or less. I am fortunate to have a garage at home, and a parking garage at the office as well. Last summer I shelled out for a software upgrade for my car to disable the constant draw on the battery (a satellite radio related quirk) that [...]