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Drive for the Conditions

We made it through the polar vortex intact, more or less. I am fortunate to have a garage at home, and a parking garage at the office as well. Last summer I shelled out for a software upgrade for my car to disable the constant draw on the battery (a satellite radio related quirk) that often left my car battery dead in the winter. After last week my car was fine. Our neighborhood bakery wasn’t so lucky. Dulceria had a couple of pipes burst. They put up a gofundme campaign:

Our priority is to pay staff for all cancelled shifts, even though insurance won’t cover most of it, we made no sales at our store, and cancelled and reimbursed paid pre-orders. We also expect repairs costs to impact us, not to mention we still have to cover our monthly expenses. And did we mention our brand new oven also needed repairs?

Thankfully that’s been fully funded and they are planning to reopen by Thursday. But this week has its own weather woes: Ice takes down Blue Line during miserable morning commute: Crashes piled up on mainline roads as pedestrians slipped and fell on icy sidewalks and Minnesota Weather: Roads Are Slick Monday Morning. Ya think? I wiped out walking to my car and hit the back of my head on a concrete step. Got in my car anyway, a little dazed and I’m definitely going to be sore. My driveway is on an incline. When reversing I nearly lost control and skidded into the neighbor’s garage. Only narrowly avoided it. Side streets were terrible. Main roads were ok but go slow. There’s black ice everywhere. The Twin Cities turned into a hockey rink this morning. There was another round of school delays, but not outright closures, and cancellation of after school activities. Returning home I was unable to get enough traction to make it back up my driveway and had to park in front of the house. I am ready to sleep it off until Spring.

Rather than my usual Five Good Things let’s file these under “Something’s Got to Give” :

Inner glow

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