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Why So Negative

It’s been a surreal week. I’ve lived in Minnesota my entire life but am not down with this polar vortex business. The actual air temperature was in the minus 20s to 30s. Even the postal service suspended deliveries today! And my son’s school has been closed all week. I’ve been working from home, staying safe and making sure our pipes don’t freeze. Which happened to the neighbors on the other side of the duplex. Naturally we’re expected to have a seventy degree swing by the weekend, with highs in the low 40s - above zero - and possible rain. Photos from around the state don’t properly convey how this extreme cold feels. On social media I shared a few resources for area warming centers, along with this: How To Help Homeless People Amid The Freezing Cold Polar Vortex. I am extremely grateful my son and I have shelter and groceries, and that I’m able to work from home during these extreme weather conditions. Speaking of, today’s Five Good Things will all be weather-related:

Is this the new normal? I sure hope not but who knows. Hopefully we get back to normal-ish soon. Though that has involved massive blizzards in late Spring the last few years. My car got stuck in a snow-filled alley last April. I could do without that. Stay safe everyone!

Freddy, an indoor cat
Olive, an indoor cat

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