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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Here’s to Shutting Up

Emily’s tagged me on this 8 Things meme. My first thought? I’m so open and transparent I can’t possibly have eight new things to tell the world. Any eight things I haven’t already divulged must be so trivial even my filter-less brain recognizes this fact. But here goes anyhow.

I am unduly grossed out by sweat [...]

Having Amnesia of the Future

Oh, the wackiness of the year-round school schedule. Tomorrow the little man starts second grade. He’s been in this program since kindergarten, and really has made significant progress, but lately it’s been…painful. Developmentally he’s just catching up to his peers in many ways. Ways that include testing boundaries and sassing me. While I’m glad he’s [...]

Puncturing the Pleasure Balloon

I’d planned to take the little man down to Chicago this weekend, for the Wicker Park Fest (I do hope Emily and Steve attend, so I can live vicariously through them). But I’m just now recovering from that stupid sinus infection. And tomorrow night is a friend’s going away party/show that I don’t want to [...]

Where’s the Cleverness?

Today I paid a trained professional $180(USD) to duct tape my dishwasher back together. If I’d known that’s all there was to it I would’ve done it myself. Sigh.
In other news…when Kinky Boots was first released I intended to see it, yet somehow missed it. But it will be part of Brit’s summer movie series. [...]

Just Below Conscious Detection

Another weekend has gone by in a blur. Friday night the little man stayed over with his grandparents so I took advantage of it, despite my exhaustion. J and I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (not bad, but the Alfonso Cuarón directed one is the best of the bunch so far). [...]

What Makes Us Hurt, What Makes Us Break

My arm is bruised from where blood was drawn over a week ago but I am still not fully recovered from the illness that prompted the blood draw. And the illness can’t be entirely blamed for - but certainly hasn’t helped with - any recent awkward interpersonal relations. I can’t win.

Bonus: The 13th Annual Art [...]

Isolating Social Frameworks

We missed The Secret of Martial Arts yesterday as we had a wedding to attend at the same time. Maybe someone took notes? After the wedding reception last night I managed to swing by the Weisman, catching Low right as they were getting on stage. Perfect timing and perfect weather.
I first heard Live Fast, Die [...]

What’s Found on Lonely Street?

Last night I foolishly turned down prescription painkillers. Today I am hurting and just trying to keep myself distracted. Or asleep. I am so very bored. Some items of note:

This is amazing. Craig Wedren & Of Montreal covering Suffragette City. Surprisingly good sound too, for a shakycam.
Creepy handsoap shaped like hands.
Definitely need to see Dynamite [...]

Wanting Things Too Much is a Form of Sadness

What a week, chock full of longing and loss and general unpleasantness. A good friend’s cat is dying. I’ve got a fever and bacterial sinus infection. And somehow a strange sort of milestone snuck up on me. Eighteen months. Eighteen months since Felix died and was removed from my body via c-section. Not long afterwards [...]

The Militant Wing of the Salvation Army

After a rousing game of 1984-era Trivial Pursuit, my friends and I had more questions than answers. I took notes in order to do some research later. Later is now. Here are the results:
Q: When did Krushchev bang his shoe?
A: On September 29th, 1960.
Q: We learned that Bill Cosby was the first African-American actor to [...]