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Monthly Archives: October 2003

A Dirty High Will Keep Us Dry

The skittish Selina, our orange tabby who visitors rarely see, has sunk to new lows. She is now so fat she’s no longer able to jump into our bathtub. Granted, it’s a large clawfoot bathtub…but still. There was a time when she would jump from the floor to the top of my 6-foot high [...]

Do You Fear What I Fear?

This morning I was shocked and surprised…when I stumbled across Too Much Coffee Man’s Bizarro World counterpart. Apparently he’s living in Italy…and picking up the chicks. What a costume. In more Halloween related news…I’m in the mood to watch the cheesy spoofy Love at First Bite. I don’t remember the last time I did [...]

Time Is The Diamond

Our allegedly high-speed internet access is actually a bit sluggish. I’ve had DSL through Qwest for several years now, but have never been satisfied with it, or them. For one thing, our access is automatically disconnected every two hours…and a five minute waiting period is imposed before we can reconnect again. There is one [...]

Fighting The Urge To Vacuum At 4am

I should be sleeping right now. But I can’t. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost the ability…to sleep through the night on a regular basis. At this point it seems like that must be some sort of superpower. Sucks to be me. But at least I have plenty to keep me occupied (aside from [...]

The Breakfast Of Champions

Today I’ve been eating brussels sprouts like they were bonbons.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It was a long, disorienting day. Damn that daylight savings time. I know most folks appreciate the extra hour when falling back…but I dislike the disruption of our routine (besides, springing ahead really sucks). This morning I tried to change our clocks, but seem to have only gotten to about half of ‘em. Then [...]

Rock Above All

Missed the initial broadcast, but caught the clip on NPR’s site. Apparently the 2003 Rock Paper Scissors World Championship happened yesterday in Toronto. Granted, it seems a bit silly…but I have to admit, the World Rock Paper Scissors Society has a great site. The little man is especially enthralled by the animation on their [...]

Be Mice To Cats

Cold weather, crankiness and slight head colds have kept us from leaving the house today. At least we’ve received more news from the outside world by staying in. Some of which only reconfirms one of the husband’s theories…that the citizens of Minnesota are conspiring against him. When he was living in Berkeley his allies [...]

Our Airmass Will Mellow

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a playdate with one precocious little girl and two lovely ladies. Socializing is good for the soul. Today, debating whether or not to attend one of the Wellstone World Music Day events. The happening at Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre sounds pretty cool: BARB [...]

Never Mind The Pollacks

Dagnabit. Woke up this morning realizing that I’d totally spaced. Again. Where did this week go? Neal Pollack was here on Monday. He gave a reading at Ruminator Books, followed by a show at the 400 Bar. Also managed to forget about Angel this week, even with the special “graphic images and mature content” [...]