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Fighting The Urge To Vacuum At 4am

I should be sleeping right now. But I can’t. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost the ability…to sleep through the night on a regular basis. At this point it seems like that must be some sort of superpower. Sucks to be me. But at least I have plenty to keep me occupied (aside from the cleaning I would so like to do now, which would only wake the little man). What would I do without my MeFi? I’ve found my favorite site of the day, and it isn’t even dawn yet. Never mind that it’s Benetton-based, this selection from the Colors magazine is nifty. A peek into photo studios around the world…the differences in style are remarkable. From India’s sad one-shot snaps, to Beijing’s elaborate Operahouse portraits. From intense Bulgarian black and whites, to one Egyptian’s vivid Warhol-esque retouching. I should be giving a shoutout to Saida, Lebanon…but those were among the creepiest pix. Oh, my people. Still, spend some time at that site. You’ll be glad you did.