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Time Is The Diamond

Our allegedly high-speed internet access is actually a bit sluggish. I’ve had DSL through Qwest for several years now, but have never been satisfied with it, or them. For one thing, our access is automatically disconnected every two hours…and a five minute waiting period is imposed before we can reconnect again. There is one workaround. If we catch it before the two hour mark we can manually disconnect, then reconnect without having to wait the five minutes. But that’s still a hassle. Further proof that Qwest is just plain evil. So switching to a cable modem has been on the to do list for a while now. Friday seemed to be my lucky day as the Comcast guys just showed up on my doorstep. The little man was so overjoyed that he kept trying to hug these strangers and asking them to come into the house. I didn’t do either, but I did sign up for some deal of theirs. Comcast seems to use sporting analogies of all sorts to describe many of their services. The special I succumbed to is no different…I think it may have been dubbed the “triple play” but I keep thinking of it as the “triple threat”. Included in the package is a digital phone line, high-speed internet access, and digital cable…with free or really cheap installation ($10 I think), and a low monthly price guaranteed for one year. What’s that you say..cable television? What, are you my husband? Then maybe you should have been on the doorstep with me Mr. Smartypants. Yeah, I know we don’t watch teevee. But the deal sort of seemed all or nothing. And there’s no contract, so we can always cancel the teevee part a month or two down the line. Only problem is, the cable guy never showed up (we had a two hour window blocked off today, and while I was waiting downstairs nobody showed). If this is any indication of Comcast’s customer service, I’m afraid they may not be much better than Qwest after all. Ugh.