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Monthly Archives: October 2002

Halloween Goosebumps

Happy Halloween! Unfortunately it’s our state’s coldest in a while. The past few have been warmer than average. One was downright balmy (sunny 70s in 2000). Today we’ll be lucky if it stays above freezing for trick or treating. Not that we’re going out. I spent a portion of last evening preparing the porch [...]

Buffy Schmuffy

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Except that won’t include a fresh episode of Buffy tonight. Sigh. It’s so early in the season…so why do we have to endure repeats already? This is only going to make the week drag. At least Halloween will help break things up. It’s always been my favorite holiday. [...]

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy-jig

We had a good time. It was a pleasant trip. But I was torn…part of me wanted to stay a bit longer, the other wanted to see my son. Currently I’m very glad to be home, in my jammies. More details (including photos) soon. Now it’s time to cuddle with the little man.

More Sun Than Clouds

It’s been a wonderful week. But the putzing-around-the-house portion of my vacation is coming to a close. Tomorrow we’ll be sending P off to stay with family, packing up the car and trying to take in as much of Chicago as possible in two days. J and I have got hotel reservations (like real [...]

A Rose By Any Other Name

A certain someone has decided I should refer to him as “J”, as it is much less clumsy. I fully agree. I’d considered the acronym “ACS”, but didn’t much care for it. J has an even more intriguing idea. A while back he wrote some blogging software for me. Which I have failed to [...]

Cholesterol Man Swimming

All right, I admit it. I compulsively check my usage logs first thing in the morning. As you do. And I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the search strings section. I am repulsed and confused as often as I am amused.amusing: aesthetically pleasing photos of appealing ladies dreams in middle english beeping strips how [...]

Wal-mart Takes Aim

If you want to know the lowdown on what makes Wal-mart so evil, this is a great place to start. And if you agree that the world’s largest corporation shouldn’t be making handgun ammunition so readily available, please sign the Wal-Mart is Nothing Without Its Customers petition. On a somewhat lighter (but related) note, [...]

Big Brother Is Everywhere

I don’t get it. So our pres doesn’t support firearms ‘fingerprinting‘, citing privacy issues. But other invasions of privacy are wholly acceptable. A fellow listmember just posted this bit of news in an email: “The University is required by federal law to report your Social Security number and other pertinent information to the Internal [...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

I think I’m coming down with something. Rather flu-like. Bah. Going to attempt to ignore it. And it’s snowing. Kind of a lot. As for this morning’s mood…I seem to have snapped out of it. And have slid back into desensitized machine mode. A stroll through the skyways at lunch hour will do that [...]

Surreality Check

Good morning crazy fucking world. Every so often I find myself in this odd spot. My awareness heightened. Suspended between a dawning reality, and a looming surreality, about to fully blossom. It won’t last long though. Soon I’ll be pushed over the edge and my coping mechanism will kick in…giving me little choice but [...]