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Monthly Archives: October 2002


Tomorrow will mark one month since my son’s birthday, yet he continues to sing the birthday song…to himself. He started a few weeks prior to his birthday. Over these many weeks I’ve noticed how his rendition has evolved. Initially it was barely intelligible. Slowly his enunciation improved, and he even added in key parts [...]

Abnormal Wear And Tear

Today I woke up in another person’s body. A much older, achier person. All right, after various checks (c-section scar present: check, extremely nearsighted without visual correction: check, unable to reach kitchen cupboards without stepladder: check, tattoos present: check) I have determined it must still be my body, but it has somehow been through [...]

Suddenly Sleepy

Why is it that I can’t fall asleep when I’m wide awake at 4am…but am downright drowsy, daily, between 1 and 2 pm? Usually I blame it on lunchtime logeyness. But I ate earlier today. The sleepiness didn’t start until much later. Yawn.

Enough Blatant Self-promotion

And back to pedestrian bitching. Oh wait, I’m in a pretty good mood. Had a free soy mocha this morning that’s kept me buzzing all day. And the mechanic called to say nothing seems seriously wrong with my car. Running the computer diagnostic thingie suggested an oil change, and I suggested a tune-up (not [...]

It’s The Little Things That Count

Wacky. Many months ago I made a submission to a collaborative site. And didn’t hear back from them. And nearly forgot about it. Until today. I received an apologetic email from a fellow who, apparently, has been on holiday for a while. Or maybe just on holiday from the site he was running. Whatever [...]

I’m Sorry, I’m Trying

Yesterday was, unsurprisingly, a crappy Monday. After such a happyfunworkday I rushed over to drop my car off at the mechanic’s (not entirely sure what’s wrong with it) before they closed shop for the day. A certain someone was kind enough to meet me there, after also having picked up a cranky little man [...]

Hands On The Bad One

Super-yuck. I was, and still am, really looking forward to tomorrow night’s Sleater-Kinney show. But while making my usual web rounds I came across something super disturbing. At least they caught the creep, I guess. But at a Sleater-Kinney show? That’s one of the last places, one would hope, this sort of thing would [...]

Slogging Through It For Sleater-kinney

Last Friday I nearly panicked…when I realized we didn’t yet have tickets for the upcoming Sleater-Kinney show. I’ve been looking forward to it for months, and had even arranged for Grandma to hang out with the little man. As often happens the date kinda snuck up on me. In the back of my mind I [...]

Wage, And Win, The War Against Terror

The phrase that caught my attention, and my imagination, so many years ago has popped up again. This time in a disturbing article at Salon, about a multiplayer combat video game the army cooked up…where “you can never be the enemy, in America’s Army”. A game which the Army claims 470,000 people have [...]

You Shall Know Our Velocity

The past couple of weeks I’ve been without interesting reading material. I picked up, and promptly put down, a few books that failed to grab me. A good percentage of the books I read come to me pre-screened. Via a certain someone, or from my other favorite lending library, my friend Dave (whose stacks [...]