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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Thought Suppression Overload

Sometimes you need to hit the pause button. This past week was a whirlwind of activity, which included an out of town houseguest. The last few weekends have been just as active. So this weekend? Nothing but downtime with my kid. We binge-watched the latest season of The Dragon Prince. I made muffins. We ran [...]

Appreciate the Details

Another weekend gone by far too quickly. I stayed up late Friday night, getting sucked into For All Mankind (from the creator of my beloved Battlestar Galactica). I’m a sucker for alternative histories and for space stuff so, yeah, I’m the target demo for this one. I have a few complaints but it is promising. [...]

All Thoughts Fly

My son turned 20 recently. Today we’re attending a shower to celebrate with friends who are having their first child. We are at very different stages of the journey. I’ve always felt a little out of step with my peer groups. For years I’ve been trying to accept that without judgment. It feels awfully lonely [...]

From Darkness Into Darkness

Daylight saving time always messes me up. Doesn’t matter if it’s springing ahead or falling back. My internal chronometer has trouble reconciling the new reality with the time my body thinks it is. It’s worse than jet lag. At least that involves the adventure of a journey - instead of staying in the same place [...]

That’s How the Light Gets In

October was strangely eventful and uneven. Full of change. Mostly beneficial. The cultivating of calm is going fairly well and I’ve had some lucky breaks. I’ve already been teaching on Tuesday nights, after my day job. I was scheduled to teach on Thursday nights as well, starting next week. That would have made for two [...]