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Appreciate the Details

Another weekend gone by far too quickly. I stayed up late Friday night, getting sucked into For All Mankind (from the creator of my beloved Battlestar Galactica). I’m a sucker for alternative histories and for space stuff so, yeah, I’m the target demo for this one. I have a few complaints but it is promising. And only available on Apple TV+. We already had too many streaming channels but now? Our household has both Disney+ and Apple TV+. It’s getting ridiculous.

Saturday I stopped by a friend’s birthday party before sneaking out to attend an amazing house show. Left there feeling blissed out, even though this evergreen tweet hits too close to home:

Dating someone in your local music scene is cool if you wanna hang out with them and 9 other people they’ve slept with once every week or two.

Sunday was getting-things-done mode. Not for me, personally, as much as the friend I paid to tackle my To Do list. He relocated my window a/c units to the basement, assembled and installed my new desk (which I am using right this very moment) and replacing my dining room light fixture. This place already felt like home but now it feels even better. After all that hard work (on his part) I took myself to see the Ford v Ferrari movie. Utterly fails The Bechdel Test, which is a bummer, but it was an engaging film.

Five Good Things:

Tomorrow night I would have been torn between two delightfully different events. King Diamond at the Palace Theater and The Allusionist podcast, live, at the Parkway. But the choice has been made for me. Neither. As I am teaching during the exact window these events are occurring. Alas and alack.

Abandoned barstool

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