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Thought Suppression Overload

Sometimes you need to hit the pause button. This past week was a whirlwind of activity, which included an out of town houseguest. The last few weekends have been just as active. So this weekend? Nothing but downtime with my kid. We binge-watched the latest season of The Dragon Prince. I made muffins. We ran errands. We cleaned the house. I walked around the lake while listening to podcasts. We bought a new board game and played it. We enjoyed a delicious vegan meal at Zen Box Izakaya and reserved our spots for Vegan Night at Masu. We also began planning a Solstice / Housewarming Party for next month.

The kid took a break from me today to resume his Dungeons & Dragons campaign with his Dad. I wish my brother could have lived to see the game’s resurgence. But I did come across some of his old D&D worksheets recently. I don’t have much that belonged to him but I’m glad to have these, with his writing.

The newest podcasts in my rotation are The Happiness Lab and Cautionary Tales. Because I am fascinated by human behavior. In groups, and my own. I’ve been seeing a therapist for some time now but have also begun supplementing some changes with a couple of apps. The Calm app, for guided meditation and sleep assistance. And, more recently, Noom, to work on some behavior chains. The triggers and thoughts that have led me to bad habits like eating cookies, candy, banana bread, etc. that is freely available at work. I’m nearly a week into calorie counting. Yes, it is tedious. But has already proven to be very effective. And I hope to stick with it.

Old school Dungeons and Dragons worksheets

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