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Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Series Of Controlled Falls

What an uneven week, punctuated with perplexing nuisances…including an iPhone fail (a staff member of the genius bar blew some compressed air on it, which got it working again, but made me feel like less of a genius). And I’d been patting myself on the back for finally calling to upgrade my ancient DSL to [...]

Holding The Dark With The Light

A wintry Monday in Minnesota can be rough enough. But when you factor in the additional minor irritants, oy. Another earring went missing so I’ve got naked earlobes plus the bad road conditions made bad drivers worse plus friends and co-workers were all glum over the Vikings loss plus reading that I hold depression and [...]

Indefinite Detention

Yesterday’s combo Sunday brunch / Saintly City Cat Club Show adventures were a great success! I will never let this oddball annual tradition die. Yes, I am conflicted about the whole thing, as I disagree with the practice of breeding when there are already too many non-pedigreed felines in need of homes. But my desire [...]

Crazy Is The Glue

I’ve always been attracted to the strange but even I have my limits. Some things straddle that line between good touch and bad touch. To demonstrate, four fun things and one creepy one:

My new favorite iPhone app, Talking Carl! “Carl Repeats everything you say with the funniest Voice.” When my voice is repeated back to [...]

Maximum Acceleration

It’s been another week of zoom zoom but I’m all right with the winters flying on by. Especially when we’ve got interesting things to look forward to, such as:

Vegan Bake Sales for Haiti are being held all over the country. We’re having ours, Twin Cities style, on Saturday January 30th.
That same Saturday is a Saint [...]

So Far Around The Bend

There’s a lot going on this weekend, as always, but the main event? The Saintly City Cat Show! (AKA the crazy cat lady/cat man show.) Last year was our inaugural visit, accompanied by two dear friends who are seasoned veterans. But this year we’re expanding our entourage, and having more like-minded folk over for brunch [...]

Striving For Failure

We’ve been particularly busy lately, with our social lives set to juggernaut mode. But sometimes that’s preferable to hiding and hibernating throughout the long winter. All or nothing! Finally going through the backlog of hundreds of photos I’ve taken this last week and recounting our adventures for posterity’s sake. In reverse order…last night we hung [...]

Perpendicular To The Motion

Minnesotans face a different set of risks in the natural disaster realm. Parts of the state experience occasional flooding and tornadoes. Blizzards can really bog things down in the winter. We are all vulnerable to exposure when the windchills drop down to sci fi levels. But we are free from typhoons, tsunamis, tropical storms, hurricanes, [...]

Staying At Rest

Moving right along…despite my silly leg injury and the glimpsing of Saturday’s unpleasantness, the weekend still had its moments. Good ones, I mean. Like vegan-friendly brunch at the Triple Rock with friends and our assorted kidlets. And visiting with an acquaintance at the coffee shop where he works, just before taking my son to the [...]

Dreams Slip Away

Death is a part of life. And I’ve seen my share of the dead. Mostly family and friends, in sterile settings like hospitals and funeral homes. That’s death, American-style. But I’ve never wrapped my head around those who choose to end their lives themselves. Especially after watching my brother’s losing battle with leukemia. As ill [...]