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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Vanishing Point

Minneapolis based GenX music fans have been getting hit hard lately, in the wallet. I’d already ponied up for a Nick Cave ticket but now I’ve paid even more for the New Order / Pet Shop Boys show. I haven’t got anything left for Kraftwerk. The upcoming New Order show has me reminiscing. I saw [...]

Catch and Kill

Speaking of trauma, I respect the heck out of Ronan Farrow’s reporting. But I put off listening to the Catch and Kill podcast until this past weekend. I knew it would be tough to listen to. But after I dove into it I couldn’t stop. Gripping stuff. His original reporting can be found on the [...]

Wounds Need Air

Last week I was a bit hard on myself. I am a trauma survivor living with complex PTSD. This impacts my life both personally and professionally. And my therapist has been on maternity leave since the beginning of the year. Too often I forget to be kind to myself, though I am hypervigilant to the [...]

Multi-Tasking in Slow Motion

We are consuming a ridiculous volume of information on a daily basis and it is altering us. I’ve observed the effects on my very own brain, over my lifetime. Since I’m solidly GenX means I grew up in an analog world. But I’ve also been an early adopter of so much new tech that has [...]

Frequency Is Freedom

On this Presidents’ Day, I’m taking a moment to state the obvious. The older I get the more overwhelming I find societal/global problems to be. Outrage fatigue is real. The airline seat recliner controversy is only the most recent, along with everything surrounding the upcoming election. It’s all exhausting. Though the solutions seem so apparent. [...]

Pattern Seeking Creatures

An arctic front just moved in. At least I didn’t have to leave the house this morning in these sci-fi cold temps. Those dead of winter doldrums are hitting me. Hard. Just like every other winter. And I haven’t got any warm-weather getaways lined up. This year I front-loaded it, with the trip in January [...]

Our Brains Are Narrative Factories

We woke to a very snowy Sunday. My son exclaimed, “not again!” But it’s only early February. We have a long road ahead of us, no matter what the groundhog declared. This is Minnesota, after all. We do try to make the best of it. There are a variety of “embrace winter” type festivities every [...]

Fundamentally Human Questions

Parenting is an interesting process. And wildly different at every stage. These days, our challenges and triumphs revolve around adulthood and independence. My son turns 21 this year and will be aging out of programs available to him as an autistic Minneapolis resident. But, once again, we seem to exist in a grey area. As [...]