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Pattern Seeking Creatures

An arctic front just moved in. At least I didn’t have to leave the house this morning in these sci-fi cold temps. Those dead of winter doldrums are hitting me. Hard. Just like every other winter. And I haven’t got any warm-weather getaways lined up. This year I front-loaded it, with the trip in January (but it was an incredible deal for such an amazing vacation). It can be a struggle to remain positive. It feels like winter just increases the degree of difficulty in all things so it’s harder to take the hits when they come. Like, right now there is a plumber in my home, unclogging our bathroom drain. I had set aside some money to reglaze that sink but instead, I’m using the funds to unclog it. Also? Our favorite and most inclusive bakery, Dulceria, is closing later this month.

Five Happier Things:

  • The Netflix comedy special “You’re Doing Great!” from Tom Papa was just the thing I needed the other night. I got momentarily excited when I heard he will be in MN on tour but it turns out he’s performing here on Valentine’s Day. And it’s a 3.5 hour drive from home (in Detroit Lakes - how odd).
  • Since we’re past the solstice, it’s staying light out longer. It feels much better driving home from work before dark.
  • My friend Holly contributed to this Ethical Design Handbook that I’m very excited about. I’ve already downloaded the digital version and my physical copy will ship next month.
  • Next Tuesday my company is hosting an event and I’ll be on the Inclusivity & Accessibility panel with several of my amazing colleagues. Should be an interesting evening!
  • There are an absurd number of musical happenings coming up in the next couple of months. Including what would have been my dream festival line-up when I was an alternative high school. I have purchased tickets to several like Andy Shauf, Lower Dens, Shopping, King Krule, MIKA and more, in the hopes that I will follow through and actually make it out.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Most years, I’ve chosen to mostly ignore it. Or have opted to hang out with my kid instead. And I generally buy him some gifts (this year it’s a t-shirt with a cat on it dressed like Gandalf, and a jigsaw puzzle of Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian). But my so-called love life is in a better place too. It’s unconventional, to say the least, but I have found a sort of equilibrium with low-pressure casual dating. I’m not looking for anything serious or long-term right now. So it’s a huge relief to be able to have companionship on my terms.

Deep Winter

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