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Catch and Kill

Speaking of trauma, I respect the heck out of Ronan Farrow’s reporting. But I put off listening to the Catch and Kill podcast until this past weekend. I knew it would be tough to listen to. But after I dove into it I couldn’t stop. Gripping stuff. His original reporting can be found on the New Yorker site and the full book was published by Little, Brown. Timely too, given that the verdict was handed down yesterday. I’m relieved the rapist was found guilty but don’t believe it went far enough. But it does set the precedent for his upcoming trial in Los Angeles.

Now to switch gears. How about five more positive fantastic things?

Last week I overextended myself to the point of exhaustion. I didn’t leave the house Friday or Saturday. In fact, I barely left my bed. Sunday I was moderately social. This week I’m scaling it way back, in self-preservation mode. My energy levels are just too low, along with my spirits, despite the warmer weather. It’s a tease. Making me feel like Spring is just around the corner but we’ve got another couple of months to slog through before I can fully come out of my winter hibernation.

window with frost on the inside

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