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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Wasting Cake and Paper

The last few years, when my birthday rolls around, I feel a twinge of guilt thinking of Patton Oswalt’s bit about birthdays. “You are only allowed 20 birthdays.” (They are 1-10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, and then every ten years after.) But this year, oh, this year. My birthday was LEGIT. I turned 40. [...]

Walking New Ground

Some days I feel so hopeless. Like the world is, as one acquaintance put it, “an evil garbage vampire.” Other days I have a glimmer of hope. Yesterday was a good day. My good friends Adam and Carolyn, who have been together forever and ever, eloped while on vacation in Chicago! Super cool. So I [...]

Do You Know How to Waltz?

All this hubbub over Low’s set at Rock the Garden is unbelievable. For the non-locals, a little background. We have a public radio station called The Current that puts on a big outdoor music fest each year at The Walker Art Center, a modern art museum. Low is one of my all-time favorite bands. Large-scale [...]

The Minute or the Moment

Maybe this bummer summer is finally starting to turn around. But it figures, just as the weather gets awesome the boyfriend and I get sick. I played the “allergies or a cold?” game for a few days but definitely landed on the latter. Last night I was coughing so hard I strained some muscles in [...]

A Celebration of Disruptive Creativity

Just one more 6am wake-up call and then it is summer break! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in. This morning my stupid brain gave me a 4am wake-up call. In the form of a creepy nightmare. I was in our kitchen only it wasn’t our kitchen. I heard a sound and looked up…to [...]