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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Colliding With the Holidaze

This long holiday weekend was good for my well-being. Having very few family members? Well, that makes the holidays more and also less complicated. Lonely, sure. But right now? It’s Sunday night and I see posts from friends who are very slowly making their way home from out of state family gatherings. While I’m relaxing [...]

Clapping Is Not Mandatory

As a single working parent one of my evergreen struggles has been with consuming versus creating. So many ideas floating around in my head. I want to create all the things! Or realize more of them, at least. But I just haven’t got it in me. Sure, I can swing the occasional side hustle, if [...]

How To Be Alone

So much unplanned weeping this weekend. Not that I always schedule my crying jags, but still. I was caught by surprise but spurred on by coverage of the California wildfires, general news reports, listening to The Moth’s Veteran’s Day Special and binge watching Bourdain. Later today CNN will be airing Anthony Bourdain’s final Parts Unknown [...]

Bending Without Breaking

It seems endless. The bad news and tragedies. Synagogue murders in Pittsburgh. The caravan of weary asylum seekers who should be welcomed but are being vilified and reviled instead. Global politics are in the gutter with Brazil electing their own Trump-like leader. Around the world horrible people in power are testing the limits, pushing to [...]