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Colliding With the Holidaze

This long holiday weekend was good for my well-being. Having very few family members? Well, that makes the holidays more and also less complicated. Lonely, sure. But right now? It’s Sunday night and I see posts from friends who are very slowly making their way home from out of state family gatherings. While I’m relaxing at home, waiting for Doctor Who to start. I’ve mostly stuck around the house. Got more sleep than usual. Did some reading. Starting doing 100 squats a day. Loads of cooking and creating. Lots of thinking. More podcast listening. Happened upon this older episode of The Moth, with a story from Flash Rosenberg about her father reminded me of my own.

He taught me somehow to be aware of how to look in unusual places to find out what I know.

My introverted father has a rich inner life. For years he’s been documenting his vivid and sometimes lucid dreams for me, which I appreciate. Reading them in his teeny tiny handwriting makes me feel more connected to him. I started transcribing them a while back but need to get on top of that.

Five more good things:

Bright and early Saturday morning we did what everyone enjoys most. Hung out at the DMV! Apparently there’s a huge backlog for renewals of state ID for the under 21 crowd. My kiddo went in for a simple address change September 1st. But they’ve only worked their way through August 13th. So I ponied up $20 to “fast track” his ID, so that we can renew his passport for our upcoming trip.

Dad's Dreams

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