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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Living in the Future

My mind is in wanderlust mode. Partially from reading The Historian, which makes me want to roam around Budapest and Sofia, Bulgaria. But other tidbits entice me. Like this bit about the world’s first skyscrapers, built 500+ years ago, in Shibam, Yemen. Now I desperately want to go there, to see them for myself. And [...]

With Strange Arithmetic

Late last week two extra-curricular opportunities came my way. And I wouldn’t have gotten in on one without the other. So I just want to give yet another big shout out to flickr friends! The first, the delightful Dels, mentioned that a co-worker of his enjoyed my photos so much he’d like me to photograph [...]

Romance Conflict Adventure

The new cat is settling in nicely but the rest of the household is an uproar. Olive is a hissing, yowling mess and has spent most of her time hiding in the basement. And the little man and I are at odds. He wants us to keep the name the new cat came with, but [...]

Objects of My Affection

This week’s new music Tuesday was happy-making. I’m a longtime Dan Snaith fan and Andorra doesn’t disappoint. I’m excited to see Caribou when they play the Triple Rock in November. I missed them at the Fine Line a while back, with Super Furry Animals, even though a friend offered me a free ticket - still [...]

You Have to Lose Your Way to Find It

My mind is a messy messy place today. Instead of forming something coherent, I’m giving you a random list.

I’ve never read A Wrinkle in Time, though I’ve always meant to.
The Resource Center of the Americas has closed. I find it sad…even if I hadn’t been there in years.
Unicyclist lounging on a burning couch? Huh.
I’d gotten [...]

Raising Confirmation Bias to an Art Form

Eight years of muscle memory, combined with my inherent clumsiness, are conspiring against me. Last week I had our front steps torn out and replaced. They are now up to code, which means they are up two inches higher. After living here so long my body automatically distributes its weight to meet the steps that [...]

Uninspire By Example

We haven’t gotten around to getting divorced just yet, so today is our fourth wedding anniversary. The last two we were in different places. He was on a business trip in Finland last year. The year before I’d taken the little man on vacation to the Bay Area. But that’s how our relationship has always [...]

Disagreeing With Unanimity

The little man and I have come to a compromise. He wanted a Peter Pan themed birthday party next month. I was unenthused. I suggested we save the Neverland-inspired frippery for Halloween…and have a Super Mario Brothers style birthday this year instead. Since then I’ve been scouring the internets for party favors and whatnot and [...]

Full Range of Motion

The little man had his swimming lesson today. Afterwards we played in the leisure pool for a bit, then retired to a private family locker room. The lad stripped down, toweled himself off and then, rather than getting dressed, he took a few moments to enjoy a naked chicken dance. I couldn’t think of anything [...]

Beyond the Pale

Around 2 or 3 in the morning I stood up on my bed, shouting, and hurled a pillow across the room…for reasons I can’t fully explain (thankfully I didn’t wake the little man). I had watched Hot Fuzz before going to sleep, extras and all, but I doubt that to be the source of my [...]