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Monthly Archives: April 2004

The 100,000-horsepower Tyke

Yesterday certainly was a kick in the pants, in the best way possible. I took the afternoon off from work so that I could spend the day with the little man’s class…on a field trip to the Children’s Museum. It had been an awfully long time since I’d ridden a school bus, and the [...]

Holy Night Fever

Only in Minnesota…can the day’s high temperature drop forty degrees overnight. Yesterday we had our second July-like day this month, with a high of nearly 90. I even busted out the wading pool. Today we’re going to have to bust out jackets, hats and gloves. This is something I can deal with…having lived here [...]

I Was Meant For The Stage

Round these parts the return of Spring often means the return of touring bands. I missed Mirah the week before last. But tomorrow night is the Deerhoof show. Next month sees Sondre Lerche at the Fine Line. June brings the much anticipated Magnetic Fields show, as well as a bittersweet boon…the Decemberists are coming [...]

A Sad Day On The West Side

Captain Safety has been my alter ego for as long as I can remember. To this day I cross only at crosswalks, but even as a kid I was cautious. If my peers suggested something that set off warning alarms for me, not only would I decline to join them…I would try to stop [...]

Floating In A Pure Vacancy

Even though it’s my second go at it, I still haven’t gotten the hang of this whole wife thing. Some might say I need to set my priorities straight. Motherhood, no problem. But wifehood? Working on it. Friday night I came home from the office to find the husband wheezing like Darth Vader. His [...]

High Potential, Underachiever

When we first discussed the idea of moving to Taiwan (temporarily), I knew there’d be a number of potential dealbreakers. But the one that broke the deal wasn’t even on my radar. In hindsight it’s an obvious red flag. We’ve learned that, in order to teach English in Taiwan, one needs a bachelor’s degree…or [...]

Bolfing For Gowlers

This week’s gloomyass weather hasn’t stopped me from looking ahead. Our flukish Sunday, all sunshine and 88 degrees (with a tornado or two thrown in later on), has kept me fixated on thoughts of summer…and there’s much to look forward to, above and beyond BBQs, picnics and playground visits. The Walker Art Center’s building [...]

Spitting Mad

This morning finds me fueled by over the counter allergy meds…and a blossoming rage. There is so much I didn’t know about children before I had the little man. I’ve read a number of parenting books, but for the most part have been learning as we go. Early on I was surprised by things [...]

I Got Blisters On My Slippered Feet

I’ve gotten used to, and have been benefiting from, my walk to work. But with the strike over, I’m tempted to catch the bus today. I should be able to stretch those stored value cards by mixing things up…by walking more often than not. In other news, I showed some restraint on Saturday…and opted [...]

At Night, Rave Naked With A Blue Light

Now that’s what I call a storm. We had our first tornado watch of the season, but things didn’t kick into gear until after the little man’s bed time. In the morning we’d seen a pathetic display…two measly little lightning strikes, followed by a mild grumbling of thunder and a minute or so of [...]