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The 100,000-horsepower Tyke

Yesterday certainly was a kick in the pants, in the best way possible. I took the afternoon off from work so that I could spend the day with the little man’s class…on a field trip to the Children’s Museum. It had been an awfully long time since I’d ridden a school bus, and the interior was much smaller than I remembered (even though I was the same height then…I haven’t gotten significantly taller since the sixth grade). I knew the little man looked forward to his bus rides, but witnessing the spectacle firsthand was another thing. We were fully revved up before setting foot in the museum…which we are frequent visitors to, but this trip was even more fun…with a handful of classmates to chase around, and the little man’s teachers to goof off with. Upon arrival we had a good three+ hours to knock ourselves out. We were so successful that the little man took a long nap (a rare occurrence) when we returned home.
alice in wonderland exhibit

alice in wonderland exhibit

the artist at work


clifford the big red dog



bubble blowing

future postal worker

inside the bat cave

outside the bat cave

tired teachers