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Holy Night Fever

Only in Minnesota…can the day’s high temperature drop forty degrees overnight. Yesterday we had our second July-like day this month, with a high of nearly 90. I even busted out the wading pool. Today we’re going to have to bust out jackets, hats and gloves. This is something I can deal with…having lived here all my life. But the weather won’t be getting any better over the weekend. And Sunday is the 30th annual May Day Parade and Festival, which I’ve been attending for the past dozen or so years. Most of those years we were lucky enough to have hot sunny days…and be able to frolic in halter tops and flip flops. This year we may need parkas, which could dampen the frolicking somewhat, but we’ll still be there.

10000 postcards project
10000 postcards project
bucket of chalk
the little man's artwork, outdoors
little man with a little flower
new growth in the backyard
windup whale
windup seahorse
mmm, veggie burger
little man feeding his face