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Blue Cats And Chartreuse Kittens

My brain works in mysterious ways. I frequently get phrases stuck in my head, but often fail to remember where they originated. It could be a song lyric or an album title, a line read in a book, the news or weather headlines, or blurbs from other bloggers’ about pages. When my synapses spark the right sort of connection I’ll recycle said phrases, using them as headlines for my posts. I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder or anything, so please forgive me…in advance, or for past transgressions. Other ways in which my brain misfires…I realized early on that I was associating numbers with colors (and letters as well, but to a lesser degree). 1 is black, 2 is white, 3 is lime green, 4 is orange, 5 is blue, 6 is fuschia, 7 is yellow, 8 is indigo, and 9 is red. When I would try to explain this to friends they’d look at me like I was nuts. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out the name for this, dare I say, disorder. It’s called synesthesia. But it’s nothing new, and I’m not the only one afflicted. In fact, my good friend Cathy has a far more serious case of synethesia. So serious, that we recently used it when revamping her web site. Check it out here.